How Do I Know Which Tea Is Right For Me?

How Do I Know Which Tea Is Right For Me?

Since before the beginning of

recorded human history, tea has

been so much more than simply a

way to relax or invigorate; it has

been a beverage for ritualistic,

congregational, familial, and even

ceremonial purposes!

With so many options of blends

available in today’s market, it’s an

understandably difficult choice to

narrow the options and decide

what’s best for you. What it all boils

down to is two simple questions:

                                   ⦁ 1. Which Factor Is Most Important To You?


⦁ Antioxidant/ Health Benefits

Most teas will be packed full of health benefits, so it’s a matter of how much of a certain benefit you hope to achieve! Green tea has been widely accepted as the most beneficial to one’s health, followed by black tea (which has been linked to a lower risk of stroke), then white tea (which has been proven to be anti-carcinogenic), then finally oolong tea (which is believed to have weight-loss properties).

With all of these benefits, it’s safe to say that tea truly doesn’t have a downside as far as health goes! It’s astoundingly high in antioxidants and has loads of other properties that keep it high on doctor’s lists of “beverages to drink when…”


⦁ Caffeine Content

Another variable to consider is: what time of the day you plan to ingest your tea? If you would rather consume yours in the morning as you wake up, then a black, or oolong tea would be preferable for you! If however, you opt to drink yours while relaxing in the evening, a lower caffeine green or herbal tea would be the way to go! This is only a suggestion, due to the incredibly diverse tea choices available, you should always check the caffeine content individually, as not to be shocked or taken by surprise
by a decaf!

  ⦁ 2. What Do You Have A Taste For?

With more than 3,000 variants, blends, and flavors to choose from, you can be assured that no matter your favorite flavor… It exists as tea! It’s only a matter of selecting your preference! There are a handful of profiles that best encompass the majority of teas which you’ll find outlined below!


⦁ Smooth / Fresh

This will be the majority of your green tea selections. Mostly free from added flavors, but sometimes they may contain peppermint, menthol, or cinnamon-type notes. For a new tea drinker, these will be the more “bland” teas, generally, but are quite delicious and refreshing once you learn to discern quality!


⦁ Bold / Full

These are your black, and oolong variants. Probably the closest to coffee you’ll find in a tea. They typically have higher caffeine contents, and may come in a wide range of flavors! Anything you can imagine: from raspberry to chocolate and beyond!


⦁ Fruity / Sweet

Tisane blends are a little different than usual because they are not brewed from the leaves of a tea plant. Rather, they are infusions of other plant matter such as herbs, spices, dried fruits, etc. When steeped in hot water, they create an amazing beverage that must be tasted to believe! Flavors vary from cherry to our very own lemon mango!


⦁ Floral / Earthy

This unique flavor profile can be any of the above, truthfully. Some are tea with added flavors and some are made unique and unlike any other! Flavors can be as unique as rose petals, or as common as cinnamon!


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