Top 5 Outdoor Summer Activities To Do With Friends

Top 5 Outdoor Summer Activities To Do With Friends

#1. Beach

The most common suggestion for a Summer activity is swimming! If you are fortunate enough to live locally near an ocean, then you’re already quite aware of all the enjoyment that can be had on the shores! Those of us further inland can enjoy lake shores but they pale in comparison.

Being able to look out into the horizon and see nothing but the skyline, is another of those majestic moments that must be shared with friends and family! Breathtaking and terrifyingly humbling yet calming and beautifully surreal. Oceans provide a myriad of feelings to enjoy with the endless activities available!

#2. Picnic

No need to overthink the location! All you need for a proper picnic is some company, a blanket, some finger foods, and a gorgeous Summer day to tie it all together! You could enjoy a scenic area, a local park, or even your very own backyard! The possibilities are endless!

The possible foods are endless as well! As long as you have your foods in Tupperware or at least packaged so that you don’t have a huge mess to carry away, you could bring anything imaginable! Whether you’re a sandwich person or would rather simply enjoy some quality teas with friends; a picnic is a great option for Summer fun!

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#3. Hiking

It’s amazing how something as simple as walking through nature can allow you to feel the true majesty of life. No matter if you’re hiking a mountainside or walking the dirt trails next to a canal, there’s always something to behold!

Remember to wear clothes that are not only comfortable but fitting for the landscape. If you plan to walk through tall brush you’ll want to wear pants so that ticks aren’t a problem. Most importantly never forget to bring water!

#4. Camping

Most of us envision a campground with friends and family, where there’s a field of RVs and campers who all have designated areas and fire pits. While there is no wrong way to enjoy the outdoors, there are certainly ways to immerse yourself in it all without feeling as if you’re still surrounded by neighbors.

Primitive camping isn’t practical for everyone but it truly adds perspective to life that can’t be gained otherwise. Research your state laws on primitive camping before attempting to “rough it.” You may end up with a fine or any number of worse scenarios,
I.e shot while on private hunting property.

#5. Fishing

Summer means waking up to some gourmet coffee at three in the morning so you can meet up with your friends, get out on the water before the sun comes up, and cast your lines at prime feeding time! Some of the best memories you can have come from fishing trips; for a lot of reasons!

The time and patience required for successful fishing can have a lasting effect on friendships and familial bonds alike. Fishing also happens to be one of the most commonly suggested activities for fathers to bond with their kids!


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