Cars & Coffee: Bringing Family & Friends Together!

Cars & Coffee: Bringing Family & Friends Together!

There’s been a synonymous connection between coffee and automobiles since the first Model-T rolled out of the Ford plant in 1909. It’s been over a hundred years since that fateful day and much has changed in the way of cars and how they operate. We may be changing the way we fuel our engines but one thing is certain; we have no plans to change the way we fuel ourselves!

Coffee and hard work go hand-in-hand and nothing says “hard work” like a grease-stained coffee cup on a tool bench. Late nights and early mornings wrenching on a project car and sipping on some gourmet coffee with family or friends are some of the greatest memories a person can have! Those memories don’t necessarily have to stop at the garage, however.

Whether you are a motorsports enthusiast, coffee enthusiast, racing enthusiast, or even just a passerby, you will feel welcomed when you visit one of the countless Cars & Coffee events happening all over the country, all-year-round!

Not your typical car show, there is (usually) no need for registration, and everyone is welcomed, though you may feel a little out of place if you drive a Sentra; these events are aimed at attracting the area’s supercar owners. No need to drive a Ferrari however, since all are welcomed and it’s always family-friendly!

The premise began in California as a means of getting the area’s most valuable cars in one area for a car meet. Those who coordinated the original event figured the people who own and drive the nicest, most exotic cars are early birds; hard workers. They were right. Cars & Coffee became a global phenomenon in only a few short years and now the events can be found in countless locations, usually around coffee houses, and usually between 8-11 am local time.

Enthusiasm is the engine of success.

Some enthusiasts show up as early as 6 am, to get a good spot to showcase their astounding ride and get a jump on the coffee line. Depending on the location you may find free coffee and doughnuts, or you may have to buy your own, but that shouldn’t deter you from the experience and sharing it with your loved ones! These are some of the
greatest meets you’re ever likely to experience and few things compare to seeing a child’s face when they are presented with a real-life version of their Hot Wheels cars!

coffee wheels

Very child-friendly, these early morning coffee-based car meets are a nice alternative to the normal late-night car event, where you’ll find illegal racing, obnoxiously loud tuners, and otherwise non-family-oriented activity. At Cars & Coffee, it’s not about showing off or getting attention. It’s about community, friends, family, and the love of cars as well as the love of coffee! It’s about making lasting memories and maybe even some business partners!

If you’re in the garage working with your family or out at the nearest Cars & Coffee event, enjoy a nice cup thinking about the power of that synonymous connection: Bringing families and friends together one sip at a time!


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