4 Corners Coffee and Tea was created by three siblings who enjoy the beauty in a freshly brewed cup, With roots to Sicily Italy, they have a great love for beautiful cup, and a great love  for Family and friends, having that fresh brew of both gourmet coffee beans and tea leaves in the company of smiling and laughing faces make it all that much better.

We want to build a community of togetherness be it you’re  playing board/card games, or just indulging in conversation. we want you to feel at home when having a sip of 4 Corners coffee and tea. 

Our goal is to bring the freshest quality coffee and tea straight to your door. Experience the taste of quality in your mouth. Our beans are of the highest quality from around the world, from the volcanic region of Kilimanjaro to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

Our teas come in a variety of flavors to choose from such as peach, passion fruit, mango, sweet cherry, raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry peach to name a few. We also offer gourmet loose-leaf and Chai tea.



Damian was introduced to the joys and simplicity of coffee by his sister and since then his love for it has grown. Making regular stops at local coffee shops. He has incorporated his love of photography with his love for coffee, taking both camera and mug containing his home-brewed coffee on nature walks. Damian loves to admire both sunrises and sunsets as he captures moments through his lens, with the delight of hot coffee on his lips. Damian hopes to see many of you enjoy the same moments and create wonderful memories as you make your own coffee adventures a reality.


Symone started her own coffee journey back to her first year in college and has continued when she started teaching visual arts to k-12. Symone is a visual artist and creative who enjoys the outdoors and making regular stops at local coffee shops. Symone has combined her happiness of creating along with her love for coffee. You will see some of her artwork and designs incorporated in the website and through social media. Symone hopes that she can make a connection with other creatives and coffee lovers alike, providing comfort with what they do in every sip.


Christian has a Bachelor's in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. His passion for Motorsports has driven him to be successful. Fueling his passion for deeper involvement in the car community and his success as an entrepreneur, he believes that he can achieve a special connection between the coffee and tea lovers along with other sports and creative communities. He hopes to one day see you at the "Cars and Coffee" meet and greet. So keep your eyes open when the event is available in your area.